/> CodeVideo

Convert code snippets to animated video with a single click.

Code in. Video out. That simple.

(Works only on Desktop Machines)


*CodeVideo is currently in alpha, built over the course of a few weeks. We're building a full studio editor and adding many more features in the coming weeks and months.

How it works

1. We take your code snippet and put it on a canvas.
2. The canvas stream is captured as your code is typed.
3. The captured stream is converted to an mp4. We then send you a link to the mp4!


The Future of Software Content Creation

Eliminate the need to try to type and speak simultaneously for your YouTube videos or courses!
Stop wasting hours on end in Shotcut or Adobe Premiere trying to chop down your videos!
Perfect for crafting videos you want share on socials like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts!
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The Best Part?
...We're Open Source!

Both the backend (Docker container) and the frontend (JavaScript function) engines that power CodeVideo are open source and can be found on GitHub.
Go to our GitHub